Google Searches for “How to Move to Canada” Skyrocket After Super Tuesday Results 

   I’m not saying it’s time to abandon ship but that iceberg is coming up pretty damn fast on our starboard side and it doesn’t seem like Captain CuckooBananas has any plans to steer us […]

My Building’s Elevator Company is Serious About Character Limits on Buttons

There’s an elevator in my building that actually prompts a physical reaction from me every time that I use it. I reach over and choose the floor I’m going to and then…I see it. “CALL […]

Sometimes When Things Aren’t Going Your Way, It’s the Door’s Fault

We’ve all been there. The struggle is real. We’ve all had that one door that’s somehow managed to turn itself into your own personal Lex Luthor even though it’s an inanimate object. You know what […]

Heineken’s Revolutionary Idea to Help Build Affordable Housing Was Way Ahead of Its Time

A beer bottle standing upright is, surprisingly, up to code, bearing 50 kg per square centimeter. But bottles are not easily vertically stacked. Laid on their side, though, they crush too easily. Habraken’s solution was […]

Underwater Volcanoes: Watching the Earth Give Birth

Underwater volcanoes have fascinated me since the first time I read about the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, a volcano located in the Sunda Strait. Krakatoa was the name also used for the surrounding island group […]

Hillary Received Over $300k From Walmart Heiress Involved in Four DUIs Resulting in Three Accidents and One Death

It’s becoming crystal clear that Hillary Clinton has no scruples about which billionaires she’ll take money from regardless of their history or how nefarious they may be. Hillary has had to defend her deep ties […]

Take a Look Inside the Most Expensive Train Station Ever Built

After more than ten years and an estimated cost of $4 billion the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and enormous sculpture that tops it, named Oculus, is rumored to finally be opening to the public […]

These Special Requests are Getting a Little Out of Hand

Most of the national pizza delivery places have apps that let you order your pizzas online. They also have places to add special requests like, “sauce on the side” or “extra dressing”. But this is […]

Gravitational Waves Proven to Exist 100 Years After Einstein Predicted Them

It’s impossible to imagine where we would be scientifically had Einstein never come along and hadn’t developed his theory of general relativity. When we have scientists a century later still figuring out ways to physically […]

How to Stay Happy in 2016

I’m honestly not sure how long this post is going to be because, as of right now, I only have one key to being happy. Not that this tip is the only key you need […]