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If the World were 100 People

If the world was condensed down to 100 people this is how things would breakdown. It’s pretty interesting when you look it at from a perspective that’s easier to grasp.

Semi Truck in Australia Pulls off Some Bad Ass Drifting to Avoid a Crash

This guy must have trouble finding a heavy load to haul what with his huge balls throwing off the weight of the rig causing him to be constantly overweight. Credit also needs to be given […]

MythBusters has Announced it’s 15th and Final Season

MythBusters is the perfect show for being able to blow stuff up and get away with it by claiming it’s all for science. And, actually, much of it was a learning experience. There wasn’t anything […]

Daylight Saving: The Movie

You’ll have to remember because you can never forget.

What Chatroulette would look like if it was actually a live action first-person shooter game

This Chatroulette stunt may have taken over the number one spot of awesome things to do on Chatroulette (besides show your dick obvs). Don’t get me wrong, the former reigning champ of awesome things to […]

Bounce with me, bounce with me…woof woof

This dog can’t stop himself from dancing when the music comes on. He’s got the funk in his bones.

Working V6 model engine made completely out of paper

I’m not sure why but this is blowing my mind that someone could fashion a working V6 model engine by folding up some paper. It seems like it would take an immense amount of patience […]

Foo Fighters fan gets called on stage in Edmonton and does an epic cover of ‘Tom Sawyer’

Did you know it’s a law in Canada that it’s illegal for any band to play a concert there without playing at least one Rush song? If that’s not true then it should be. The […]

Video: Man saves up for 2 1/2 years, quits his job and travels around the world for 3 years

Many of us have thought about it. Few of us have done it. Walter Chang did it. 3 years – 60 countries. In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel […]